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We execute the strategies developed for growth in your company!
By analyzing your data then formulating plans that contain executable strategies, we become an integral part of your company providing business experience, knowledgeable solutions and the expertise to implement our recommendations with the goal of increasing the your revenues. We are not technical developers though we have technical expertise on staff.


<strong>Rick Lewis</strong>
Rick LewisDirector of Customer Strategy

Throughout my career I have focused on increasing company profits. I am top-line driven and I find ways to generate revenue.

    I know how to use  IoT to increase the success the growth of your business. Most companies miss the power of analytics to strengthen their decision-making. Many small to midsize companies do not understand information technology nor how to use it for better decision-making.

    Statistical inferences, increase your success possibilities, linear programming provides alternative models and the evaluation of existing data can profile high probabilities of success. My MBA from Duke University provides an exceptional background in interpreting business data into information for making better business decisions.

    When I approach a situation, my education and experience enable me to evaluate the situation from multiple perspectives: a technical understanding, a management standpoint, a legal position and similar situations I encountered in other industries. This is important. It provides a broader opportunity for solutions implementation and potentially farther-reaching opportunities for your company in terms of growth and innovation.

    As the IS Director for a major electrical wire manufacturer I influenced the implementation an international on-line order processing system, executing analysis that reduced inventory level saving hundreds of thousands of dollars, placing process controls on the production line, rolling out an executive management database system, and utilizing statistical analysis. These were accomplished in the 1980’s before PCs were on the horizon or data warehousing even imagined.

    From there I saw the need for communications and I moved to MCI. Within 18 months after starting a s a branch manager I was promoted Regional Manager expanding the territory to cover 5 states in the South Central Bell Region. The region to 10 sales & service offices with 250 people and four-fold increase in revenues to $350 million 5 years.

    Since 1990, I’ve contracted my knowledge to these companies as an interim executive. Sometimes I am on staff, other times I’m on contract. My services include product life-cycle management, product innovation, continuous process improvement, product branding, product development, patent searches, channel development and marketing. Simply put, I do what is necessary to help your company grow.

    I’ve also had the opportunity to participate in a startup manufacturing company, Insulated Component Structures. The structural building panels we produced were Energy Star Rated and LEED Certified. They are used in residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications providing superior insulation capabilities with an R-Factor up to 42.

    In other major engagements, I evaluated product lifecycles and provided strategic plans for the future by embracing disruptive technologies rather than fighting against them. Sometimes this even included developing products to extend product lines or to enter new markets.

    MBA Duke University
    BS Georgia Tech


    Pamela Thompson PH.D.
    Pamela Thompson PH.D.Consultant
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    We execute strategies developed for growth of your company!
    By formulating plans that match your goals we develop executable strategies with your management team.  We become an integral part of your company providing business experience, knowledgeable solutions and the expertise to implement your recommendations with the goal of increasing the your revenues. We are not technical developers though we have technical expertise on staff.

    Know the Lifetime Value of your Customers

    It helps you develop a long-term customer relationship. Use customer focused marketing. You do this by focusing on the customers and what relevant to them not the transaction.

    It’s what keeps your customer coming back.

    Trust and respect are the attributes that encourage your customers to do business with you again and probably multiple times. Shifting your focus to people with a good interaction leads to long term relationships. Every interaction is your opportunity to reinforce your brand.

    Pay extreme attention to customer care it is the great differentiator that can set you apart from your competitors.


    You need to identify people who are entering your sales environment. Sales involves more than making “stuff”, selling “stuff” and getting paid.

    Each customer contact is an interaction is a touch point giving you to opportunity to strengthen your customer relationship maximizing their Lifetime Value to you.

    Analytics is critically important for driving your customer’s value and maximizing your return from your customer relationship management (CRM) system. CRM should not be a historical analysis. You need to be making decisions that will affect your future.

    Your customer’s preferences are constantly changing and evolving.

    Analytics helps you anticipate changes so you have the opportunity for increased revenues. Remember your customers drive your profits.


    Data Mining is an increasingly important as a source of competitive advantage.

    It gives you the ability to make effective decisions based on your data. It gives you the ability to uncover significant understanding of your customer relationships from the data you already have.  Your organization already has data concerning your clients that offers valuable information regarding past transactions and can give you a guide to their future activities.

    Data mining is the process of exploring large amounts of data to identify meaningful patterns to uncover trends that you can use to evaluate different courses of action.

    Today companies are using data mining to detect fraud, minimize risk, anticipate resource demands, increase response rates for marketing campaigns and customer retention, discover patterns, trends and relationships, insights to help evaluate future options and make fact-based decisions and manage the product life cycles.

    Once we have help identified your customer segments we work with you to create response models to predict which customers are likely to respond to your offer.


    Competitive analytics is becoming significantly more important in driving customer value as well as optimizing your return from your consumer partnership management (CRM) system. The majority of CRM systems count on historic analytics. These offer you a 20/20 view of your partnerships. It can supply assistance for decisions that will shape your future. Your customer’s needs, preferences and their mindsets are constantly evolving and transforming.

    Competitive Analytics aids you to make adjustments to optimize your client partnerships to ensure higher incomes as well as profits.

    To be successful your company must ‘buck the trend’ of preparing around services and products, and focus the planning process on the customer. You will need to dig into consumer data and accept analytics as key to remain competitive and a dominate company in your market.

    Consumers rule your business: You understand that building up consumer relationships is vital for company success for one simple reason: your consumers drive your profits.

    In today’s economy, your clients have a lot more alternatives offered to them than ever before.

    Attracting new consumers cost efficiently and satisfying their assumptions for selection are essential to your consumer value model.


    Every process has a life cycle! 

    Processes are created, implemented and measured by collecting feed back data from the process.  Changes in your business, disruptive technologies, process inefficiencies, innovations or your market may cause the need for these processes to be modified or totally redefined and revised.

    One constant in every business is change.  The economy, your markets, strategies, goals, objectives, organizations, products, services, employees, customers, partners, suppliers … are all subject to change.  And every change means that changes in your business processes must change accordingly and be redeployed for you to remain competitive.


    Businesses in every market have executed Customer Resource Management (CRM) strategies. Several CRM initiatives are failing to generate expected returns considering that they do not do much to improve the company’s ability to take full advantage of life time value of a client to the business

    Attracting new consumers cost efficiently and satisfying their assumptions for selection are essential to your consumer value model. At the same time, it is incredibly vital to determine and also keep your lucrative clients, as well as enhance their customer-lifetime-value gradually.

    To do this effectively means you need to anticipate your customer’s requirements and offer them attractive products or services to meet their needs. When you manage to do this, you will flourish in the customer driven economy.

    Making the best use of client  value is basic: Supply value to customers to ensure your success. When your company provides exactly what consumers require– what’s important to them– customers are most likely to continue to be open to future advertising initiatives and buy even more of your services and products as well. This is a win-win connection for both you and your client. Nonetheless, to attain as well as preserve this sort of connection needs support from both functional as well as logical systems.