Shorter product development cycles, discovering disruptive technologies and innovation opportunities to take advantage of trends should be a constant concern of your business. This is where business strategy and analytics come together.

By knowing about evolving trends, before your competitors are aware of them,
you will be able to develop strategies to your advantage

  • Business Intelligence

  • Business Analytics

  • Business Process Modeling

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Data Mining

  • Client Retention

Intelligence and Analytics are existing applications that are driving successful businesses. Intelligent applications can become self-aware systems capable of adapting their behavior and resources thousands of times a second to automatically find the best way to accomplish a given goal despite changing environmental conditions and demands.

We have found that by facilitating cross-functional collaboration and teamwork you can drive change and implement processes and strategies for improved efficiencies, cost savings and increased profits.

These techniques grow market share and increase margins through new product and channel development and expansion.

Industry experience: Energy, lighting, manufacturing, communications, health, finance.

To brainstorm and collaborate from any of these perspectives, call us.

Specialties: Sales Marketing Analytics | Optimization | Development | Intelligence | Strategy | Competitive Analysis

•Operations & Process Management
•Strategic Planning & Implementation
•Product Development & Innovations
•Process Improvement

Working knowledge of SAS, SPSS, Excel and Data Mining

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